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Probation Report Requirement

Probation Report Requirement

For African engineers, ordinary probation is 3 months. When probation is almost over, probation report should be prepared. It should contain several parts.

1. Make the summary about after service job in the past 3 months

a. What clients have you served in the past 3 months?

b. What issues have you solved for each client in the past 3 months?

c. Data statistics is necessary

2. What’s the feedback from clients about our company and your service?

Please list some feedback from clients about your performance.

3. What knowledge have you learned in the past 3 months?

Please describe specifical contents.

4. spare parts stock level management for important clients

Introduction about Spare Parts Stock Level Management For Important Clients

5. What’s your future plan and goal?

For main clients, how can you serve them so that they can be satisfied?

6. Fill in probation forms below and sign it , then send them back to your manager Amos

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