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Month: April 2023

Professional Maintaince Tool List

DC Source DC 源迈胜 MP5005D Repairing Power Device 固纬电源SPD-3606 Expensive 求精QJ-3005S可调稳压电源 A little bit Expensive 龙威可调稳压电源 Cost Performance Multimeter FLUKE 289C Expensive FLUKE 179C A Little Bit Expensive 优利德UT61E+ Cost Performance oscilloscope FLUKE 199C Expensive 普源DS1102 迷你示波器 A Little Bit Expensive 迷你示波器 Cost Performance IN CIRCUIT TESTER HUNTRON 2800S Expensive ProbeASA-III A little Expensive Cost …

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MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV Introduction

MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV has same modbus protocol type with MAX 50-80KTL3 LV/MV MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV Datasheet Feature ▲ BOOST has a total of 10 MPPTs, each with only a single IGBT (freewheeling diode SiC), and different MPPTs work with each otheroperate in interleaved mode; There are 10 channels in boost, and each …

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AXE battery Introdcution

AXE battery Introdcution MAX 10 pcs in one group, MAX 8 groups in parallel. Combine box below is necessary when several groups in parallel AXE 5.0L-C1 Technical Guide Installation Type AXE batteries must be stacked flatly together Control Board Power Board CAN Definition AXE 5.0L-C1 User Manual V1.6 AXE 5.0L-C1 Installation Guide AXE-5.0L~50.0L-C1-Battery-System-Product-Specification