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MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV Troubleshooting

MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV Troubleshooting

Fault Reading

As shown in the figure: If inverter goes into fault mode, every led light represent one number, from right to left , it is 2 to the zero power, 2 to the 1 power, 2 to the 2 power, , 2 to the 3 power ,.. until 2 to the 7 power.

Then you can caculate the fault code based on green on led light , and sum them and add 200( It is fixed value for MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV ), you will get fault code. For example, in the picture, 1+2+16+64+128=211, then 211+200=411 fault code

Based on the fault code, you can search the fault code in user manual and find malfunction description.

Fault Code

Error 200

AFCI Fault

Error 201

Residual I High

Error 202

PV Voltage High

Error 203

PV Isolation Low

Error 204

PV Reversed

Error 300

AC V Outrange

Error 301

AC terminals reversed

Error 302

No AC Connection

Error 303

NE abnormal

Error 304

AC F Outrange

Error 400

DCI bias abnormal

Error 401

DC Voltage High Fault

Error 402

Output DC current too high

Error 403

Output current unbalance

Error 404

Bus sample fault

Error 405

Relay fault

Error 406

Init model fault

Error 407

AutoTest failure

Error 408

NTC Temperature too high

Error 409

Bus voltage abnormal

Error 411

Communication fault

Error 412

Temperature sensor abnormal

Error 413

IGBT drive fault

Error 414

EEPROM fault

Error 415

Internal power test fail

Error 416

Over current protected

Error 417

System protocol abnormal

Error 418

firmware version abnormal

Error 420

GFCI Module damage

Error 421

CPLD abnormal

Error 422

Sampling is inconsistent

Error 425

AFCI self-test fault

Error 426

PV current abnormal

Error 426

PV current abnormal

Error 427

AC current abnormal

Error 428

Boost Short Out

Error 429

Bus voltage softstart fail

Warning Code

Warning 200

String Fault

Warning 201

String abnormal

Warning 202

DC SPD warning

Warning 203

PV Circuit short

Warning 204

Dry connect function abnormal

Warning 205

PV Boost driver abnormal

Warning 206

AC SPD warning

Warning 207

USB Over-Current

Warning 208

DC Fuse Open

Warning 209

PV Voltage High

Warning 210

PV Reversed

Warning 300

No AC Connection

Warning 301

AC V Outrange

Warning 302

AC F Outrange

Warning 310

NE abnormal

Warning 400

Fan warning

Warning 401

Meter abnormal

Warning 404

EEPROM abnormal

Warning 405

Firmware version abnormal

Warning 406

Boost module error

Warning 407

Over Temperature

Warning 408

NTC broken

Warning 409

Reactive abnormal

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