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African After Sale Process Introduction

Many clients are confused about our after sale process. This post mainly introduces the basic process.

After sale Process

Attention, please! For malfunciton inverters, please don’t accumalate them together, they should be reported every day, and provide these info. below, or based on our rule, spare parts are difficult to apply! Please highlight this. in case big loss for your comapny!

1. please Create Communication Channel with Growatt Engineers proactively

Please don’t ignore it, it is pretty important, based on our experience, because of communication issue with our clients, it causes so many inconvenience.

1) Create whatsapp group or Wechat Group, Group name should be your ” Company name -Growatt After sale Support-Country”
2) Please add Growatt after sale manager Amos and our sales representative into the group, Amos will add corresponding engineer to the group.
Growatt African after sale manager Amos:

Email: [email protected];

Whatsapp: +8613267189226
2. Please assign your after sale representative in your company, he or she should be responsible for your after sale service. Meanwhile, on Growatt Side, we will also assign after sale representative to deal with all your cases and take the responsibility

Please highlight it, based on our experience, as chaotic communication, and cause so many misunderstandings. Here attached appointment Letter , please kindly sign it and send it to [email protected].

3. Please use the malfunciton info. form below and manage all pending issues in case some issues are missed.

You can type all issues into the form , we will follow up that. until they are solved.

4.Fill in Growatt Warranty Claim Form

Inverter S/N and Material code on inverter nameplate are pretty important so that we can apply correct boards for you

For Off Grid inverter:

For Grid inverter:

5. Provice malfunction video with inverter S/N that can demonstrate that inverter is really faulty.
It is necessary, the video should display warning code or fault code or damaged boards like below. It is best that you can test something in the video like below.
6. Submit these info. to our after sale engineer representative

They will check inverter warranty on OSS system, if under warranty, After the analysis, they will apply boards or replace new inverter for you. if beyond warranty, it won’t be dealt. In this situation, You need to purchase spare parts from Growatt.

In ususal , based on after sale policy, what if it is new installation in one month, we can replace new inverter directly. However, if it has exceeded that, Only spare parts can be provided.

for new inverter replacement, please follow the guide below, you need to access OSS system and fill in new inverter replacement application. It is necessary. Please highlight it.

7. Once your application has been submitted by our engineers, they are responsible to update the status with you, including tracking number, Pick up Document etc. the process will last almost one week, please kindly remember to remind our engineers.

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