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After Sale Policy For African Market

After sale policy for African market

Many clients are confused about after sale policy in Africa. This post mainly introduces it.

off Grid Inverter After sale Policy

1. In one month, if New inverter is faulty, after the confirmation, we can replace new inverter directly. You need to keep the proof that demonstrate that it is new installation.
2. When clients place order from Growatt, 2% spare parts can be provided based on the quantity of order. Sales dep. have the duty to apply them.
3. For Growatt main distributors, we can make sure that they always have one batch of boards in their hand in case urgent requirement, stock level system can be used to manage warehousing and out of stock for these extra spare parts.

Here attached stock level system introduction

4. For faulty ones, if under warranty, we will proivde after sale service until warranty has expired
5. For faulty ones, if beyond warranty , you can buy spare parts from Growatt . Here attached spare parts quotation requirement below.
6. For Growatt distributors and installers, we can provide after sale trainings about troubleshooting, product principle, practical skill etc. for clients’ engineers. after the training, exam must be attended. and if qualified, we can issue the certificate . Here attached Exam online system.
7. Off Grid Inverter can’t extend warranty
8. Warranty is 2 years , it caculates from Factory delivery.
9. For spare parts application, if they will be sent from China, courier cost will be borne by Growatt and customs clearnace fee can be negotiated.
10. For GCN oder that belong to domestical market , it shouldn’t be sold to overseas market. once happened, we can’t provide free after sale service. spare parts will be charged.

Grid Inverter After sale Policy

Hybrid Inverter After sale Policy

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