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Quotation Requirement

Quotation Requirement

If you want to purchase spare parts from Growatt, you can contact [email protected], who is in charge of quotation. and CC [email protected]. To provide all info. in one time, you need to provide necessary info. based on below.

Attention, please! If you can not pay for spare parts via our after sale bank account, please pay for them via sales bank account. [email protected] is from sales dep. , [email protected] can help you finish the payment. You can send Email to Loney and CC to Ivan.

Quotation Requirement
1. Customer company name
2. Contact person
3. Mobilephone number

Country code +Mobilephone number

4. Delivery address

Please make sure that Country, Province, City, Street should be included. Or we will confirm to you again. Please kindly advise them in one time.

5. Inverter model and serial number
6. Spare part name and material code

You can find material code on spare part, it had better be proivded so that we can provide correct items for you accurately.

7. Quantity
8. Courier Company type, DHL or Fedex or Others.

We use Fedex as default if you have no special requirement. These spare parts will be sent from China in usual


You can fill in above info. into PI , and send it to Shixuan: , [email protected], and CC [email protected]

Submit charged spare parts on Xiaoshouyi

When clients approve the quotation, our enigneers must submit the application on xiaoshouyi System.

a. Access Xiaoshouyi System

b. Fill in basic info. on xiaoshouyi

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