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MIC Series Degrade Mode Introduction

mic series Degrade mode Introduction

Degarde mode

0:No Derating

1: Low GRID voltage

2: High PV Voltage

3: INV OverTemperature

4: High Inner Ambient Temperature

5: High AC voltage

6: High AC voltage

7: Over Frequency

8: Derated by Export Limit (Inverter)

9: Active power ratio is limited

10: n/a

11: Low PV voltage

12: Mult- Inverters export limit (Shinemaster)

13: Abnormal Fan (2.5-6K TL-X n/a)

14: Abnormal NTC (2.5-6K TL-X n/a)

15. High harmonics at startup

16: n/a

17: CQC2018 shutdown instruction and derating

18: n/a

19: n/a

20: n/a

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