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SPH 4000-10000 TL3 BH UP introduction

SPH 4000-10000 TL3 BH UP introduction

UP Model Interface Panel

UP models mainly have BAT, PV, AC, EPS and other power interfaces, USB, COM, 485-1/2/3, CAN, NTC, DRMS, METER and other communication interfaces

Power Interface


Currently compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, input range 100V-550V, current 25A


Only the SPH model has PV input, two MPPT, input range 120V-1000V, current 13.5A


The mains interface must be connected to the N line, and the RST phase sequence must correspond to the RST of the ammeter, rated at 230Vac


Off-grid output port, UP model, this port has output under both off-grid and Bypass, rated at 230Vac

communication Interface


Used for U disk upgrade and monitoring, compatible with WIFI-X, GPRS-X2, ShineLink-X and other collectors


485-1/2 are two 485 communication interfaces for some extended functions, such as VPP, dual electric meters, ShineMaster parallel machine, etc.; 485-3 is another 485 communication interface for ShineBus local debugging and ATE testing


Support dry contact function, provide 12V/2W output power


Lithium battery communication interface, only supports two high-voltage batteries, Pylon H48050 and ARK 2.5H


Support Lead acid battery


Support logic interface function, need external control device


Meter communication interface, only used for communication of main power meters, compatible with Eastron/Chint three-phase meters

UP Model System Layout

Key Points when installing the system

a. This model has integrated ATS function, you don’t need to install extra ATS.

b. The main power meter must be installed between the grid and the load, and the direction cannot be reversed, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine; in addition, it should be noted that the UP model has a single-phase anti-backflow function, but it is necessary to ensure that the phase sequence of the meter is consistent with the phase sequence of the machine. The order corresponds one by one.

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