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SPH 4000~10000 TL3 BH Standard Model Introduction

SPH 4000~10000 tL3 BH Standard Model Introduction

Attention, please! For single inverter exporting current limitation system, please make sure that Inverter Grid Output 3 phase ( R, S, T) must be same with smart meter R, S,T, it can’t be conntected casually, or battery discharging may meet the trouble.

Standard model interface panel

Standard models mainly include BAT, PV, AC, EPS and other power interfaces, USB, RS232, DIP, COM, CAN, RS485, NTC, DRMS, METER and other communication interfaces

Power Interface
BAT Port:

Currently only lithium batteries are supported, lead-acid batteries are not imported temporarily, the input range is 100V-550V, and the current is 25A

PV Port:

Only SPH model has PV input terminal, two MPPT, input range 120V-1000V, current 12A

AC Port:

Mains interface, rated 380Vac


Off-grid output, rated 230Vac

communication Interface

It is used for USB upgrading


For monitoring, compatible with WIFI-S, GPRS, ShineLink and other collectors; used for ShineBus local debugging and ATE testing


Safety regulation dial, there is a default safety regulation at the factory, customers can set according to the actual needs according to the table in the user manual


Support dry contact function, provide 12V/2W output power


Lithium battery communication interface, only supports two high-voltage batteries, Pylon H48050 and ARK 2.5H (need to upgrade to the latest firmware)


485 communication circuit, used for some extended functions, such as VPP, dual electric meters, ShineMaster parallel machine, etc.


Lead-acid battery NTC interface, currently not open, reserved


Support logic interface function, need external control device


Meter communication interface, only used for communication of main power meters, compatible with Donghong/Chint three-phase meters (here METER1 and METER2 are the same interface, and do not represent the interface of dual meters)

Standard model system Layout
Key points when installing the system

a. The EPS port of the standard model will only output when the AC connection is disconnected, so in the application scenario with grid access, the EPS port can only be connected to the emergency load;

b. By installing the accessory ATS-T, the EPS load can work in the grid-connected condition;

c. The main power meter must be installed between the grid and the load, and the direction cannot be reversed (refer to the meter installation manual), so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine;

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