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What’s Shinetool

Shinetool Introduction

ShineTool APP that integrates local commissioning function via the smart phone. It communicates with the inverter through datalogger or USB-WIFI to monitor real-time status, alarm query, parameter configuration, intelligent diagnosis and other routine maintenance functions, is
a convenient local configuration platform

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Shinetool Download


search “ShineTools” in GooglePlay or Apple Store


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Commissioning tool

USB-WIFI suitable for MAX,SPH-UP

Shine WiFi-S/-X Only support datalogger with and above version

Wifi Only built-in -US inverters

Log in

End User Login

Password: oss+today’s date like oss20220622 ( oss must be lower case )

password must be lower case, or it will have the fault in the photo

O&M User Login ( O means Operation, M means Maintenance )

For installer/distributor users, Distributor or Installer account can be used to login the ShineTools APP.

Automatic login can be chosen so that you don’t need to type login info. again next time

Attention, please!

Only O&M users can read and set register address, End user can’t have Advanced Function

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