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MOD series Firmware Download

MOD series Firmware Download

MOD 3000-6000 TL3-X

.hex, .bin files are the firmware you can use, don’t use .out file that is used for upgrading via Emulator device.

MOD 3000-15000 TL3-X Common Version


06 DSP chip

10 M0 Chip ( You need to confirm what original firmware for M0 chip )


19 M3 chip ( there are 2 kind of M3 chip, F107 AND F205 ), when upgrading, you need to confirm what original M3 firmware is.

DLAA07xx:043.0107506 2023/2/24

DLAA-06xx:043.0107505 2022/11/29

ZBAA-0019(F107):043.1212218 2022/11/27

ZBAB-0009(F205):043.0110908 2022/11/27

ZMAA-0010(ST) 043.0107800 2020/12/29

ZMAB-0051(GD) 043.0108201 2022/5/21

You can select DLAA07xx or DLAA-06xx to upgrade DSP chip

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