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The Five Dysfunctions of A Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is written by American author Patrick Lencioni, It is an occasion to read the book.

1.Absense of Trust


“The first major dysfunction of a team is the absence of trust. Team members lack a foundation of trust in each other. Essentially, this stems from people being unwilling to show their vulnerability within the group. Only when team members can genuinely expose their mistakes and weaknesses to each other can a solid trust be established.”

2.Fear of Conflict


The inability to establish trust within a team can have a highly destructive impact, with the greatest danger being the fear of conflict. Team members are unable to engage in unreserved, passionate ideological debates; they often beat around the bush during discussions and express their opinions in a vague and cautious manner.

3.Lack of Commitment


“The lack of healthy conflict is a serious issue because it directly leads to a lack of commitment. Team members do not fully express their opinions in open discussions, rarely buy into team decisions, let alone commit to their execution. Even though they may nod in agreement during meetings, it is merely pretending to agree.”

4.Avoidance of Accountability


“Due to the lack of genuine buy-in and commitment, team members develop a habit of avoiding mutual accountability. Team members do not commit to clear action plans beforehand, and even the most focused and urgent individuals often hesitate to directly address behaviors or actions of other team members that may be detrimental to the team.”

5.Inattention to Results


The absence of an atmosphere of mutual monitoring and accountability creates a breeding ground for the neglect of results. When team members prioritize personal interests, such as self-satisfaction, career advancement, or departmental interests, over team goals, the team’s objectives are intentionally or unintentionally disregarded.

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