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Middle East Engineers Mission and Ability Development Goals

Middle East Engineers Mission and Ability aim
1.Middle East Engineers’ Mission

Solve all customer after-sales problems quickly, efficiently, and with high quality, to far exceed customer expectations, provide good customer service, and help customers achieve sales growth. At the same time, let all end users use photovoltaic power stably and reliably, bringing light and happiness to their lives!

2.The Efforts Middle East Engineers Should achieve
1) Within half a year of joining the company, learn the principles of all series of the company's products, Troubleshooting, quickly and efficiently solve customer problems, and provide customer service that exceeds customer expectations. Customer satisfaction was 100%.
2) Conduct product after-sales training from time to time for your important customers to empower customer engineers so that they can grow into professional engineers with the ability to independently solve problems
3) Continuously promote the company's product improvement, promptly discover product defects, submit customer complaints to other departments and improve products
4) To be professional engineer in one year in solar power industry
5) Achieve rapid growth in performance of important customers through customer service work
3.The Abilities African Engineers Should Own
1) Honest, Integrety, loyal; 

Don’t be lazy or violate discipline, don’t take advantage of opportunities, speak honestly and be trustworthy.
2) Learning Skill

can learn inverter technology documents fast, and master inverter principle, commissioning method, troubleshooting
3) Result-oriented

Taking the final solution of the problem as the fundamental and never giving up until the problem is solved
4) Work proactively 

You can do it without any explanation
5) Hard-working

Hard-working and able to withstand pressure
5) Strong customer service awareness

Have strong customer service awareness, not only handle problems efficiently, but also make customers feel happy 
6) Practical Skill
can use all kinds of commissioning tools, like USB-485 tool, multimeter, clamp meter, megger etc.

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