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Weekly Meeting Requirement For Middle East Employees

Weekly Meeting Requirement For Middle East Employees

In usual, we will have the schedule about Middle East weekly meetings below:

Middle EastMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Dubai Dubai Time: 11:30 am (4 hours time difference)
LebanonLebanon Time: 9:30 am ( 6 hours time difference)
JordanJordan Time: 11:00 am ( 5 hours time difference )
1. For Each Weekly Meeting , Area Supervisor Must Make Meeting Summary And List All Key Points We Have Discussed In The Meeting.

Dubai Area: Will confirm it soon

Lebanon Area: Will confirm it soon

Jordan Area: Mohammed Al Homsi

2.Please Attend Weekly Meeting On Time And Access Wecom Meeting Link 15 Mins In Advance.
3.In Weekly Meeting, Area Supervisor Should Report The Summary In Past Week, And Update The State Of Those Matters We Have Discussed Last Week, Current Troubles , What Support You Need Currently. You Should Prepare These Contents Beforehand.
4. In The Weekly Meeting, You Should Express Area Issues Clearly And Exhaust All Issues, Don’t Hide Some Ones.
5.If You Can’t Attend The Weekly Meeting Because Of Some Important Matter, Please Report To Amos One Day In Advance.

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