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How to test optical coupler

How to test optical coupler
Testing Tool
1. Pointer device
Pointer device
2. DC Source
3. Multimeter
4. Soldering iron
optical coupler Type

8PIN like PC923, A7800

optical coupler 8pin Testing method
1) Supply 15V into 8 pin(VCC) 7PIN(gND) of PC923

You need to weld 2 wires into 7, 8 pin so that you can supply power for 7, 8 pin conveniently

2) Use Pointer Device to supply DC current almost 10mA for 2 and 3 pin of optical coupler
Turn to Resistance postion in red arrow and produce 10mA current
3) Use dC voltage position of multimeter to test 5, 6 pin of optical coupler and check if DC voltage has changed.

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