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case Sharing: Growatt 6000TL3-S can’t produce power in early morning

Case Sharing: Growatt 6000TL3-S can’t produce power in early morning



Every early morning, MPPTs of inverter can’t work, error status can be seen in history data.

Country: Tunisia

Inverter model: Growatt 6000TL3-S

Inverter S/N: JNE19400DC

Fw_version: DK1.0

Inner_version: dkaa0202

Model: A0B0D1T0PFU1M6S1


After upgrade the inverter, it can generate power normally in early morning.

Upgrading firmware Download


Reason analysis:

Model: 3-6k TL3-S Software version after change: dkaa0202 dkac0202 dkad0202 dkae0202

  1. Compliance upgrade (Tunisia, G99, G98, Australia compliance, Italy, Greece, N4105, Hungary, India, Denmark listed as DK1, Denmark listed as DK2, Chile, Argentina, Denmark listed as TR, Australia wide range)
  2. N4105 certification related upgrades, including over-frequency load reduction, under-frequency load, anti-reverse current response time, reactive load rate control (fixed PF curve, QV curve, reactive power rate, etc.), logic port function, etc.;
  3. The anti-backflow failure function is introduced, and the anti-backflow response is 5s;
  4. After the software seals the drive, the power starts slowly for 10s, and the display data remains in the state before the wind drive;

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