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MIN Series Firmware Download

MIN Series Firmware Download

1. 2.5-6KTL-X( Common Version )

Firmware Update Date: Dec. 7th , 2023

Firmware Update Date: July 7th , 2022, above firmware can’t solve exporting current limitation that can’t work normally

AKAA-13xx(DSP) 043.1206612

AKAA-13xx(DSP) Download

AKAA-xx01(STM3_F0) 043.1206700

AKAA-xx01(STM3_F0) Download

ZAAA-0016(STM3_M3) 043.1206815

ZAAA-0016(STM3_M3) Download

Firmware Update Date: July 12th , 2022

AKAA16xx(DSP) 043.1206615

AKAA-xx01(STM3_F0) 043.1206700

ZAAA0020(STM3_M3) 043.1206819

For MIN 2.5-6KTL-X , you need to upgrade 3 firmwares, .hex file should be upgraded firstly, then bin files.

MIN 2.5-6KTL-XE( Common Version )

ALAA-06xx(DSP) 043.1249805

ALAA-xx01(STM3_F0) 043.1255400

ZABA-0009(STM3_M3) 043.1255308

ZMBB-0051(GD_M0) 043.0113900

Both ALAA-xx01(STM3_F0) and ZMBB-0051(GD_M0) are for M0 chip, so just upgrade one of them, if original firmware from inverter is ALAA-xx01, you can choose ALAA-xx01, instead you can choose ZMBB-0051

Upgrading sequence:

a. ALAA-06xx(DSP)

b. ALAA-xx01(STM3_F0) or ZMBB-0051(GD_M0) Attention please! In usual, you don’t need to upgrade M0 Chip ,if you really want to do that, please note ST and GD code absolutely can’t upgrade wrong. Or inverter can’t work.

c. ZABA-0009(STM3_M3)

Newest MIN 2.5-6KTL-XE( Common Version )

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  1. Hi, I have an error “4 1 1” on aMIN4.6-TL-XE, Can it be fixed with fw update?
    How is the fw update procedure?

    Thank you 🙂

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