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113.00, 114.00 Firmware of SPF 5000ES

113.00, 114.00 firmware of SPF 5000ES
Firmware Version

113.00, 114.00


113.00 firmware version is for 28067

114.00 firmware version is for STM103

Because previously, we lack 2809 Chip, accordingly we use 28067 and STM103 chip instead

Other firmwares can’t be used for this kind of chips. Please highlight this

6 thoughts on “113.00, 114.00 Firmware of SPF 5000ES”

  1. Hello, I don’t like to bother you. I have a growatt spf 5000 es and I have a problem with fan noise. A contact for you was published on the forums so that we could advise on this. I read that the problem could be firmware, but the seller claims that I have current firmware 067. 01 104, 068.01.104.
    I discovered firmware 067.02 and 068.02 on the forums.
    I could ask you for advice or help with the given problem. I apologize for bothering you

  2. Good day,
    I have a 5000ES with ver 113,114 with loud fan noise. Can I downgrade to the suggested firmware version, or is there a newer one that will solve the issue?

    1. Could you please advise the video about the 113,114 fan noise? I will try to suggest research dep. developing special firmware for 113,114 version.

      whatsapp: +8613267189226


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