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Working Report Requirement

Working Report Requirement

Working Report statistics

Daily and Weekly report are not for your leader or the company, but it is for your personal growth, It shows that every day, you are improving yourself and become better in the world!

Daily Report Content

You can write anything about your daily work, no word limit, it is a daily summary in case you will forget details. and share them in our team group.

Middle East
South Africa
EA and NA

weekly Report Content

Please use new weekly report template below

Middle East
South Africa
EA and NA

It is for old weekly report below

Working report contains 2 parts: weekly report and Customer Complaint List

1.Working Report
About the weekly work report:

1. The reporter personally believes that the current team’s key tasks are;
2. Raise the problems existing in the current department work;
3. Problems that require cross-team or even cross-department coordination of resources to solve.

Description of current status options:
1. Done (completed), confirms on behalf of the employee that the work has been completed;
2. Closed (completed and closed) means that employees report at the weekly meeting that the work has been completed and can be closed, and the supervisor confirms that it is ok and it is officially closed.
*The difference lies in whether the supervisor has confirmed it.

* Fill in the rules:
1. Completed (Done) and closed (Closed) items are placed in the work summary of the previous week;
2. Things in process are placed in this week’s work plan;
3. Pending matters are placed in follow-up projects.

Good example from colleague:

in the “Block issues and reasons”, date should be written every time ,and attach them together, so that manager can see all historical following up.

2.Customer Complaint List

For some difficult issues we can’t solve, important quality issues, you can fill in here and request help from other dep.

Meeting Summary

Weekly Meeting Requirement:
Weekly meetings are held on time every week, the output of formal minutes, emailed and copied to Mr Ray Cheng( [email protected] ) and Chrisy( [email protected] ), and those who do not hold weekly meetings on time are required to give a valid reason.
I will be registering to the attached form and posting it to the management every Friday.

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