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SPH 3K-6K Hybrid inverter

SPH series

SPH is Hybrid inverter that has grid and off grid function

Please note that SPH 3-6K had better not work in parallel. It will cause some issues, and temporary firmware needs to be flashed. If clients insist on parallel mode, 3 pcs in parallel at most . Besides, SPH 3K-6K single phase inverter has no BH model( High batteyr voltage) like SPH 5000TL BH

SPH 3-6k single phase Board Introcution

SPH 3-6K have totally same boards, including mainboard, IO board, control board, the unique difference is firmware

IO Board
SPH 3-6K IO Board
SPH 3-6K Mainboard
Control Board
SPH 3-6K Control board
SPH 3-6k single phase Port introduction


RS232/WIFI can connect to datalogger or USB-232 wire that is used for Shinebus


It is used for CT that consist of exporting current limitation solution


It is used for smart meter that consists of exporting current limiation


It can be used for Shinemaster, if multi inverters in parallel, you need to buy extra 1 to 2 wire

VPP: Virtual Plant Power that is used to monitor and control inverter. If you want to use Shinebus tool, this port can be used, but make sure that VPP is chosen on settings.


NTC is temperature sensor that is only for lead acid battery. Standard product in the original package

CAN port

CAN port is used for battery communication

Dry Contact

Dry contact is used for hot heater, generator etc., 12/2W output power
SPH 3-6K UP has same pin definition about Dry contact

Dip Switch

Dip switch is used to set model number


DRMS port is used for Australian inverter model, which is used for utility company to adjust to active or reactive power remotely

MPPT port




It should be connected to grid directly


Only when Grid outrage or power cut, then inverter will switch to EPS mode. If you want to keep power on for EPS load, ATS should be added on the system.


It is used for IPMOS device to read data from inverter


It is for upgrading
SPH 3-6k single phase Principle Introduction


2 BOOST Circuit

2 PV strings are connected to 2 BOOST Circuit which are independent and won’t affect each other.

2 PV input string has MAX current 13.5A

PV starting voltage is 150V, if PV input voltge is lower than 120V , it won’t work.

PV voltage range is 150V-550V, if PV input voltage is lower than 370V, then it will be converted via BOOST circuit,

If PV input voltage is greater than 370V, it won’t pass through Boost circuit

BUS capacitor

H6 Bridge

H6 Bridge Q1\2\4\5\6\7


BUCK Circuit
Buck Circuit contains 2 mosfets

BUCK-BOOST Cicruit contain 4 IGBTs which are used for recticification or INV from BUS voltage

Q23\Q4\26\27( LLC)
Q23\Q4\26\27( LLC)

DC-DC circuit on BUCK-Boost Circuit

8pcs mosfets on DC-DC circuit
8pcs mosfets on DC-DC circuit

SPS Cirucit on mainboard

If you want to confirm if SPS cirucit is working, you can test DC voltage between 5 pin and 8 pin.

SPS circuit contain 3 parts: Utility SPS circuit, M3 SPS circuit, Main SPS circuit

Utility SPS circuit

Utility SPS Circuit
Utility SPS Circuit

Main SPS circuit

M3 SPS circuit

M3 chip is supplied by M3 SPS circuit seperately

Control board

BDC Chip which is used to control DC-DC circuit
It is used to control PV and BOOST circuit

IO board

M3 Chip

M3 Chip in charge of communication

LCD Screen SPS

Red wire is 1st pin

LCD Screen Voltage

test 19th ,20th pin based on red arrow. If voltage is 3.3V, it means LCD SPS is normal.

Anti reverse circuit on IO board

It is used to prevent anti reverse on battery input

AC output relays on IO board

4 relays for AC output

EPS output relays on IO board

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  1. Hello I’d like to purchase a new NTC captor for my SPH3000, do you know where can I get one? Or have the reference?

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