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How to upgrade inverter via oss system

How to upgrade inverter via oss system

1. access
2. Click “monitor” ->Device Upgrade-> Growatt Server
3. Click “Upload Firmware”
4. Click “Upload Firmware”

Http Upload File –>> For Shinewifi-S/Shinewifi-X/Shinegprs (Version Or Higher) / Shinegprs -X/Shine4G Upgrade Inverter. Ac Couple(Spa), Min(Tl-X/Tl-Xh), Hybrid Inverter(Mix), Max Upgrade Firmware Needs To Be Uploaded To The New Folder, Other Devices Upgrade Firmware To Upload To The Old Folder. ChargingPile is a dedicated folder for charging pile upgrades

5. Select New or Old directory based on above introduction
6. Create A new directory
7. Click “create”
8. upload firmware from your local directory

When it reminds you of “illegal character and space”, you can modify file name . It won’t affect the upgrading. But the suffix like .hex, .bin should be kept.

9. Select Corresponding inverter model

Inverter upgrade: Growatt -S model

Storage upgrade: SPF series products

10. type Datalogger S/N
10. select firmware you uploaded

HEX files need to be upgraded firstly, Bin file can be upgraded finally

11. Upgrade firmware

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    1. Dear Samer,

      Sorry for the late reply! I missed your info.

      Only Growatt Engineeer account can have the remote upgrading function. We are not open to our clients.


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