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SPH 4-10K TL3 BH Standard or UP model Battery compatibility list

SPH 4-10K TL3 BH Standard or UP model Battery compatibility list

BH means High voltage battery

Lead acid battery system can be connected to SPH 4-10K TL3 BH UP, SPH 4-10K TL3 BH Standard can’t

Pylontech High voltage Battery

1. Pylontech H48050

Material code: 024.0008100

Pylontech 2.4KWh/50AH Lithium-ion battery module

2. Pylontech SC0500-100S

Pylontech SC0500-100S

Material code: 024.0008100

Pylontech battery master BMS,support 3-7 battery in series.

3. Pylontech SC1000-100S

Material code: 024.0008200

Pylontech master BMS,support 5-10 batteries in series

4. High Voltage Lithium Battery Pack Wiring Harness Pack

Material code: 045.0083500

Standard accessories, Pylontech lithium battery connection energy storage machine cable, 2 meters positive and negative cables, 3.5 meters CAN communication network cable

5. Battery Cabinet( IP55 )

Material code: MC00.0012200

IP55 high-voltage battery cabinet, single cabinet supports 4Pcs Pylontech battery module installation (or 3Pcs Pylontech battery module + 1Pcs Pylontech BMS main control installation)

6. Battery Cabinet( IP20 )

Material code: MC00.0017800

IP20 high-voltage battery cabinet, a single cabinet supports 6Pcs Pylontech battery module installation (or 5Pcs Pylontech battery module + 1Pcs Pylontech BMS main control installation)

7. Cascading wiring harness package between IP20 battery cabinets

Material code: 045.0097600

Optional accessories, Pylontech 1 meter power cascading cable, 1 meter communication level networking cable, which is used for series connection between cabinets

ARK High voltage Battery

1. ARK 2.5H-A1

Material code: SD00.0002100

  • ARK 2.5H-A1 battery pack
  • Including PACK series power cable, communication cable, wall mount, wall mount screws
2. HVC 60050-A1

Material code: SD00.0002000

  1. ARK 2.5H-A1 high voltage control box
  2. Wire harness from high voltage box to battery pack
3. ARK 2.5H-A1 cable

Material code: 018.0094200

  1. Including the power line and communication line from the high voltage box to the energy storage machine
  2. Adapt to three-phase SPA/SPH
  3. The cable length is 2 meters, which can be directly connected to the three-phase SPA/SPH
4. ARK 2.5H-A1 Series cable

Material code: 018.0094300

  1. Contains a 2-meter power line and a 2-meter communication line
  2. When the batteries are installed in two rows, the wiring harness needs to be added for the series connection between the two rows of batteries
5. ARK battery Base

Material code: TV03.0004900

  1. ARK high voltage, low voltage universal
  2. Applicable to profile version

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