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Fifteen Work Rules For ME And African Employees

Work Rules for employees

We must own integrity, Sincere, Honest personalily, Our team only accepts staffs who have these personaility. Once we find that one person can’t have these . We will let him leave here. We aim to provide best service for our clients.

1. ME and African team should own integrity, sincere, honest personality., and put your hearts on the clients. Once we find that there is defraud when offering the service, we will take the meausres like Firing.
2. We don’t allow staffs to do own business, once found, the staff will be fired.
3. Once client issues are received by engineers, engineeers must respond no later than second day. If not, these behaviour will be recorded and be important reference for Staff KPI
4. Please always be kind to cliens even though clients misunderstand us.
5. If issues are still not solved in 3 days And you have exausted all methods, please report to your supervisor. What if engineers delay this, and don’t report to supervisor, the engineer should bear the responsibility. If delayed response causes big loss, we will take the measures.
6. Please go to work in chosen location by management . Anyone rejects that for 3 times, the staff will be fired. If you want to leave Clocking in and out location, please report to management.
7. Please attend weekly meetings, trainings on time , anyone lacks the meeting or training for more than 2 times without reasons, the staff will be fired directly.
8. Please make the summary about your successful experience on the blog. and make the post once half a month. If not, these behaviour will be important reference for Staff KPI
9. Please make the summary every day, including new knowledge You have learned, solution for those issues, what cause them.
10. It is easy to solve issue, but it is not simple to figure out the reason. Please form the behaviour that explore the issue and find out the specifical cause. And you have the responsibility to improve the product, please have the feedback about product defects for your supervisor.
11.Please be humble, Calm down and learn much knowledge until you are a real expert. Never Over estimate for 2-3 years changes, and underestimate 3-5 years change.
12. Close the loop on everything. Even for small matters like tracking number notification, make sure that you have informed relevant person.
13. when you have holiday, please take these measures below and make sure that they are executed.

1. 与上级领导明确代理人的职责范围,进行深入沟通,确保工作顺利进行。
2. 设置有效的邮箱自动回复机制,告知客户当前状态及代理人联系方式。
3. 提前通知客户即将休假及代理人的联系方式。
4. 制定紧急联系方式,以应对紧急事务。
5. 定期检查邮件,确保重要事务和客户邮件得到及时处理。


In order to ensure the continuity of work and the quality of customer service during the employee's vacation, the following measures need to be taken:

1. Clarify the agent's scope of responsibilities with the superior and conduct in-depth communication to ensure smooth work.
2. Set up an effective email auto-reply mechanism to inform customers of the current status and agent's contact information.
3. Notify customers of upcoming vacations and agent's contact information in advance.
4. Set up emergency contact information to respond to urgent matters.
5. Regularly check emails to ensure that important matters and customer emails are handled in a timely manner.

Please remind each other of the vacation work arrangement measures, which are monitored and enforced by the regional heads!
14. If you can’t solve client’s issues and have also requested help from other colleagues, please submit client complaint process on OA system and Research engineer will join us and analyze them!

Kearney or Loney has authority to submit client complaint process , you can contact them.


Dapeng has authority to submit client complaint process , you can contact them.
15. Respect is most basic in our life. Please note details in communication, dont use lowercase for client or colleagues name, once found , I will reduce points from point system. After 3 times warning, someone still makes the mistake on purpose, stricter measure will be executed . We cherish haman being value better than benefits, anyone violates that all the time, he will be fired. We dont welcome staff like this

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  1. Hi Amos, as this is public I wouldn´t post rules especially for markets or regions (rule1)

    I totally support this format to share knowledge and informations of your products. However some of your points are also missing in other regions. Especially your german support is unresponsive or doesn´t answer requests at all. I know of Growatt inverter/battery owners here in Germany who only reach out to the Netherlands support because your german support team doesn´t have the knowledge or is not responding at all. This could help if the customers don´t have language barriers all others are stuck to the german supports. This is more meant as positive feedback and keep the good work and transparency with this format of webportal! Cheers…

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