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Degrade mode on MAX series introduction

Degrade Mode of MAX series introduction

1. How to check Degrade mode

a. access installer or Distributor account via
b. Download History data from plant
C. Open excel file
D. Find “Degrade” Column
E. Degrade number Meaning
1) mode number: 0

No Degrade

2) mode number: 1

The bus voltage exceeds 850V and AC output degrades

3) mode number: 2

Special manual load limit mode, which can limit load to 80%, 60%, 30%

4) mode number: 3

High Grid voltage causes AC output power degrades


Set 148 and 149 register address value as highest voltage , like 6000*0.1V, make sure both of register address value are the same.


Disable high grid voltage degrade point

8-15 bits are useless, all of them are 0;

Bit6 :Power voltage Func that is used to disable or enable high grid voltage degrating point.

so you should set 0000 0000 0101 1000 ( Hex value is 58 ) on register address 01

4) mode number: 4

High Grid frequency causes AC output power degrades

5) mode number: 5

BOOST over temperaturer ( 88.3 degree ) degree causes the degrade

6) mode number: 6

Inverter over temperature causes degrade ( 115.3 degree )

7) mode number: 7

Manually already set load limit (not 100%)

10) mode number: 10

Inverter ambient temperature derating ( 80.3 degree )

11) mode number: 10

M3 ambient temperature derating ( 80.3 degree )

12) mode number: 12

Line Impedance Calculation Load Derating

13) mode number: 13

Multi-machine anti-reverse flow causes the degrade

14) mode number: 14

Single inverter anti-reverse flow cause degrade

15) mode number: 15

Abnormal fan causes the degrade

23 is wave blocking and load reduction. When OCP or current oscillation occurs, wave blocking and load reduction will occur.


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