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Case Sharing: 25 Warning Caused By 2 SPF 5000ES In Parallel

25 warning caused by 2 SPF 5000ES In Parallel

25 Warning means parallel inverter capacity different


2 SPF 5000ES in parallel have 25 warning, inverters can work normally seperately.

Malfunction Reason

Clients have used SPF 3500ES control board in SPF 5000ES. and cause capacity of 2 inverters is different. so that cause the 25 warning. Before, research dep. doesn’t distinguish 2 kind of control boards, so that you can put swap control board between SPF 5000ES and SPF 3500ES casually. But now situation has changed. Research dep. has set fixed value 3.5 or 5k into SPF 3500ES or SPF 5000ES Control board, you have to use corresponding control board, or capacity will be different.

Here attached power segment on one of inverters. It is different from the other one.

Test Method

You must replace correct control board, although research has interal software that can change the value, but they dont’ want to be open to the market in case causing chaos

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