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SPH Model Number Introduction

SPH Model Number Introduction


A0 B0 D1 T2 PF U1 M3 S0


Safety type high byte

Ax Bit3 Bit2 Bit1 Bit0


Safety type low byte


Bit3: Exporting current limitaiton enabled, Italian safety type requires exporting current limitation enabled on default.

Bit2: Sleep enabled, default value 0, If you don’t want to make lithium-ion battery enter into sleeping mode, you can make the function enable.

Bit1: Enable AFCI( 1: Enable, 0: Disable) Default value is 1

Bit0: Battery type ( 1 Lithium-ion battery, 0: Lead acid battery) Default value is 1


ODM manufacturer code

cGrowatt FT 0( Default value)

cDuracell 1( Jinbawang)

Common mode 4

China Tower 11 (China Tower customized)


T0: SPH BL Single phase low voltage battery SPH , Default value

T1: SPH BH Single phase HIgh voltage battery SPH

T2: SPH-TL3 BL 3 phase low voltage battery SPH

T3: SPH-TL3 BH 3 phase high voltage battery SPH

T4: SPA BL Single phase AC Coupled low voltage battery SPH

T5: SPA BH Single phase AC Coupled high voltage battery SPH

T6: SPA-TL3 BL 3 phase AC coupled high voltage battery SPH

T7: SPA-TL3 BH 3 phase AC coupled low voltage battery SPH

T8: MIX-US BL Single phase low voltage battery American storage SPH


Special function Disable/Enable

Bit3: Customer ; 1 Enable, 0 Disable, Default value 1

Bit2: EnaDCI 1: Enable, 0: Disable Default value 1

Bit1: EnaGFCI 1: Enable, 0: Disable Default value 1

Bit0: EnaISO 1: Enable, 0: Disable Default value 1


Battery power segment definition

SPH 6K support 3KW off grid

SPA 3K , fixed value is U2


INV power segment

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