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SPH 4-10K tL3 BH UP introduction

SPH 4-10K tL3 BH UP introduction
Model definition

BH means Battery High voltage

TL3 means 3 phase

UP means new version

SPH 4-10K tL3 BH UP Appearance
All boards, Firmwares of SPH 4000-10000 TL3 BH-UP are totally same except model number
SPH 4-10K tL3 BH UP System Principle Diagram
Board type


SPH 4-10K tL3 BH UP Mainboard

Control board

M3 Board

Capacitor Board

UPS Board

MOV Board

Mainboard Circuit Analysis

  • Anti reverse Circuit
  • PV Boost Circuit
Every PV Boost max current: 13.5A; PV input max voltage: 1000V; Every MPPT tracker can’t exceed 7.5KW at most.
  • INV Circuit
T-type three-level

Every group of T-type three-level contains 4 IGBT, the principle is BUCK-BOOST Circuit, 3 groups in total

  • BUCK-BOOST Circuit

Function: The circuit is used to convert battery voltage into bus voltage. The circuit contains 4 IGBT, like T-type 3 level

  • Driving Circuit of PV BOOST and T-type 3 level
  • SPS Circuit

AC or DC source can supply power for the inverter seperately

AC SPS Circuit principle: AC voltage is converted into BUS voltage ( almost 500V) via AC SPS circuit on UPS board, the voltage should be greater than battery voltage. Then go into main SPS circuit

If you want to confirm if AC SPS circuit can work, the red arrow position can be tested, it is BUS voltage.

DC SPS Circuit principle: DC SPS uses bus voltage to supply power for main SPS circuit

Main SPS Circuit principle:

Main SPS Circuit

LCD power supply

SPH 4-10K tL3 BH UP Technical Guidance

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