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Solar Pump Inverter Introduction

solar Pump inverter Introduction

Solar Pump Inverter has 2 series. SPI 1500-4000TL2-HV and SPI 3000-22000.

Set Password: 520

SPI 3000-22000

SPI 3000, 4000, 5500 has same internal boards

SPI 7500, 9200, 11000 has same internal boards

SPI 13000, 15000, 22000 has same internal boards

Boards Introduction

For SPI 3000-22000, PV input voltage is converted into BUS voltage directly, then go through 6 IGBTs on 3 phases. The principle is like Frequency converter.

8 capacitors consist of bus capacitors, make bus voltage more stable
Control Board
USB Board

SPI 1500-4000TL2-HV

This series has designed BOOST Circuit on mainboard. AC output is 220V.

SPI 1500-4000 TL2-HV( SPI 1500TL2-HV, SPI 2200TL2-HV, SPI 4000TL2-HV ) Control board are totally same

Control Board

SPI 1500-2200 TL2-HV mainboard current sample circuit and INV IGBT are different

SPI 4000 TL2-HV Mainboard has big difference from SPI 1500-2200 TL2-HV mainboard


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