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Installer code

1. Intaller code

When you register end user account via

You can request the installer code from your distributor or supplier, which is used for them to manage your plant.

Here attached ours: BDGN9 for SouthAfrica , but we strongly recommend you to use your supplier’s.

2. how to find installer code

You can access installer account or distributor account , installer code is front 5 bits of installer account.’s user name

For example:

User name of Installer account : AUPK2001

Installer code: AUPK2

6 thoughts on “Installer code”

  1. when connecting your growatt wifi dongle to the server, to which server do I connect if I live in South Africa?

    The US you-tube videos show they have to change to a US server

    1. We have set server ip in the datalogger, you don’t need to set it. It will upload data to the server automatically. Here attached our server ip.

  2. Morning I did register but cannot find my installer code my details.
    Vans Electrical
    Willem van Wyk
    5 Andries Street Oberholzer Carletonville South Africa
    Email [email protected]
    +27 82 749 2605
    Please check for my code

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