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SPF 3500-5000ES 62fault

SPF 3500-5000ES 62fault

62fault means Internal communication error

Triggering condition:

It has exceeded 10s(20ms*500)since control board can’t receive the data from other chips like M3 chip on control board, Driving chip from MPPT board, mainboard etc.

Testing Method:

  1. Restart the inverter, check if 62fault will disappear
  2. After restarting it, if it is still not solved. Please uncover the inverter, check if control board is plugged into mainboard sufficiently and connection wire is loose
  3. If above all are normal, pleases try to swap control board from normal inverter. Based on the experience, 62fault is often caused by control board. But sometimes, mainboard that is damaged may cause 62fault. Please kindly note this

Control board is plugged into mainboard vertically, you need to check the connection wire from control board to MPPT board, Mainboard.

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