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SPF 3500-5000ES 06fault Solution

SPF 3500-5000ES
  • Triggering Condition: When AC output voltage reaches 280V and lasts for 200ms. It will have the error
  • Testing Method:

Please just connect the inverter to battery system, Switch on the inverter, if 06 still occurs, it means DC-AC
circuit has the trouble

  • Malfunction Position:
4 pcs IGBT
Q5,Q6,Q8,Q10 consist of full bridge circuit, most of time , 06 is caused by them, not absolutely, driving circuit is also possible.
  • Repairing Method:

a. please kindly turn to diode position on multimeter.

Diode Position on multimeter

b. please kindly turn to diode position on multimete

Every IGBT has 3 pins ( G, C, E ). Put black tong of multimeter on C pin( Middle ) and Put Red tong of multimeter on E pin

0.38-0.7V on multimeter is normal. If multimeter display zero, it means the IGBT has short circuit

  • Solution:

Replace mainboard

Replace IGBT , lighting couple etc.

ST/STGWA80H65DFB/80A/650V/469W/-55℃~175℃/TO-247 long leads

IGBT STGWT80H65DFB/80A/650V/TO-247/175度/引脚长20mm

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