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How to upgrade Off Grid Inverter

How to upgrade SPF 3500 ES, 5000 ES, SPF 6000ES PLUS

Attention, Please! Before you upgrade inverter, please make sure that you have checked current firmware version of inverter and it matches same series of firmware verson. Because of serveral kind of control boards, different series of control boards can’t be flashed each other, or it wll cause failed upgrading and inverter can’t be switched on.

For example, 40.**, 41.** firmware version inverter just can be upgraded via same series of 40.**, 41.** firmware version; 67, **, 68.** firmware version inverter just can be upgraded via same series of 67., 68. firmware version

Please note that upgrading has the risk,sometimes you will meet the failed upgrading that Inverters stops and and goes into flash modus (the three LEDs are blinking). At that time, you have to replace control board, please be careful.

Firmware Download

Method 1: Use Pvkeeper 3.0 for Local upgrading

Attention Please, PVkpper 3.0 has issued, which has integrated upgrading funciton, you can try to download it from the bottom link in the page . If any question, please give us the feedback. Thanks!

Method 2: Use ISP TOOL for Local upgrading

Commissioning Tool:
  • USB Cable
  • ISP Tool

Before you use ISP TOOL, please confirm your OS:

For Win10, Win11 , Please download the tool from the links below

For SPF 3500ES, SPF 5000ES, SPF 5000TL HVM WPV, SPF 5000TL HVM, SPF 2000-3000TL HVM 24/48v

For SPF 6000ES PLUS, You must use ISP tool version 5.03 bleow instead of others. and Install 1410 USB chip driving program for all SPF 6000ES Plus.

ISP TOOL V5.03 is just developed. The performance is not tested. You can try it

For Win7:

  • Driving Program for USB Cable:

Note: There are 2 kind of chips on com board, you need to install driving program of USB cable based on chip spicies.

CP 1410 and CP 210x

X64 For Win10 64 bit
X86 For WIN 32 Bit

CP210x_Win10_Drivers Download:

This is Old com board, it adopts 2102 USB chip, so you can also use above driving firmware

XR21V1410 Driving Program Download:

In usual, once you plug USB cable, OS will install driving program automatically. But sometimes, the driving program has some trouble. So you had better use our’s

Upgrading Guide PDF
Upgrading videos:

SPF 3500/5000ES
  • Make sure that inverter is on and stop working
  • Connect USB cable into inverter USB port
  • Confirm specifical com port on Device manager

You should be careful about com port, same com port definitely will cause the conflict and faile upgrading.

Here attached the link about how to open device manager:

If you can’t find com port, USB driving program needs to be installed. Please find download link above.

  • Open ISP TOOL

You can see the screen below:

Please complete these steps based on the sequence. Then click Flash, it will cost you several minutes to upgrade them.

For 3500/5000ES, there are 2 firmwares that need to be upgraded, F2809 is main processor that should be upgraded firstly. F030 can be upgraded finally

So far, 40.06 and 41.06 is our newest firmware. 40.06 is for main processor on control board, 41.06 is for Display and BMS chip on control board

When upgrading of every firmware is finished, it will display like this. After you upgraded both, please recover the factory set based on below:

Please kindly press UP and Down at the same time. Then type the password: 305. Thirdly, find 34th option and press Enter to get into rst setting. Fouthly, press Enter to reset,wait for a while,it will finish resetting.

How to Solve When upgrading, it failed


It always send “start” frequently


Win10 or Win7 has the compatability issue with ISP tool


  1. Change your laptops
  2. confirm driving chip CP 1410 and CP 210x on com board
  3. Update your OS system, for example update Win10 to W11
  4. Use Win7 System and ISP tool for Win7

The issue is complex, if you have exausted these methods, please contact [email protected], ISP tool internal info. should be attached.

Method 2: Remote upgrading

Please note that it just can be applicable for SPF 5000ES


  1. Newest Com board
You can distinguish newest com board based on the 2 interfaces that are too close. For old com board, they are not close. Besides, newest com board has 12 pins for BMS board. While old one just has 10 pins.

2. Shinewifi-F firmware version at least

3. Remote upgrading just can be finished by Growatt engineer on OSS system.

When your inverter and datalogger meet these requirement, please contact engineer in Growatt and upgrade your inverter remotely.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a new SPF5000ES and fans are blowing like mad 24/7 and the firmware is:
    I need to get rid of this fan problem, so which are the files I have to download to get rid of this problem. I have the USB -USB printer type cable.
    Best regards

  2. Hello Amos,
    SPF5000ES, 067-01-104, 068-01-104, Param 05 = USE, Param 21 can be settled upto 45,9V instead 48V descibed in use manual. How can I fix it? Other issue: Param 05 = US2, batterie will be loaded, but will be not hold at fload-voltage-value defined in Param 20. Batterie will be discharged and just after them can be loaded again. How to fix?

  3. hi
    XR21V1410 , this driver can not install on my laptop (win-11). How can i get this kind of driver for window-11?

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