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How To Register Installer Account On OSS System

Our Platform has 3 account types, including Distributor account, Installer account, end user account  Distributor account only can be registered by clients that place order from Growatt Directly. Installer account is for installers. Actually Distributor and Installer account funciton is almost same, no big difference.

1.Access Oss System

OSS system: IP:

2. select “Installer”
3. type necessary info.


Inverter SN: For installer registeration, it is not strict, any inverter S/N that already is on the system can be registered. Here attached one:HEK0CGN003 . OSS system doesn’t bind inverter S/N to the company. That’s why you can use any one

Company Name: You can use any name

Company Address: You can use any address

Company wesite: It is not necessary

4. type Personal info.

Company Name

Set Password:

Confirm Password

Contact Person


Email Code: If you can’t find verification code via Email, please check your SPAM BOX, most of time, it is there.

Phone Number


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