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How to commission exporting current limitation function on grid inverter

How to commission exporting current limitation function on grid inverter

For Growatt Grid inverter, there are 2 solutions for Exporting function limitation. One solution is for single inverter on site. The other solution is to use Shinemaster or SEM for multi inverters on site

Single Inverter exporting current limitation
MAC Inverter, MID Inverter
System overview
Meter List

Part of Inverter power is consumed by load, excess power will be injected into grid. Meter and CT measures the voltage and current of excess power between load and grid,

Common Procedures:
1. Install Meter and CT

Smart meter and CTs should be located after the load and point to Grid direction.

2. Install 485 wire

For MID-X inverter, Inverter port 5, 6 pin as meter 485 communication port ( Blue and Purple wire ,in the user manual, it is not correct, Please highlight this)

3. Enable exporting current limitation function of single inverter

For MAC inverter , please enable 122 register address as 1

For MID-X inverter, please please enable 122 register address as 1

Method 1:

Plug USB-Wifi into inverter

Method 2:

Enable 122 register address via Shinebus

4. Set meter address

MAX inverter: set meter address as 004

MID-X inverter set meter address as 002

Multi Inverters exporting current limitation


System overview

Shinemaster or SEM excecutes exporting current limitation function,

1. Make sure that CTs should be installed between grid and load, and point to grid direction
2. communication between Shinemaster and inverters should be commissioned successfully firstly
3. Access internal webpage on Shinemaster and enable exporting limitation funciton
4. Based on your requirement about exporting current limitation, you can set ExportLimit power.

In usual, it should be set as 0 ( It means that 0 KW will export to grid )

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