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Grid Inverter commissioning tool list

Grid Inverter commissioning tool list
1. Laptop ( OS Win10 )
2. USB-485 or USB-232-485 TOOL
3. USB-232 TOOL for Growatt -S inverter
4. Install USB-485 Or USB-232-485 TOOL Driving program
You can download it from your device official website, type device brand and specifical model on google, you should download it easily based on your model
5. uSB DISK ( FAT32 format ) 2 pcs
6. dATALOGGER LIKE Shinewifi-S , Shinewifi-X 1 pcs
7. uSB-WFI tool
USB-WIFI is local commissioning tool which is used for MAX inverter. It is used to read inverter parameter and real time data.
Shinetool Download
8. Shinebus

Shinebus Download

9. Com tool
It is convenient for commissioning the communication

Download Com Tool

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