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SPH 3-6K Hybrid Inverter troubleshooting

SPH 3-6K Hybrid Inverter troubleshooting

Attention, please. For SPH 3-6K Standard inverter ( Not UP model ) ONLY can modify safety type via dip swith like below.

Error code

1. Error 411

Internal communication failed

Triggering condition:
1. Abnormal communication between M3 and DSP chip , last for 900 ms
2. Abnormal communication between M3 and BDC chip , last for 900 ms
Both BDC and DSP are located on control board
2. Error 418

DSP and COM firmware version unmatch, system fault

Triggering condition:
1. dSP and com Fireware on M3 board is not different, once 900ms has exceeded, it will alarm 418fault
3. Error 303

Inverter L N reversed or ground failed

3. Error 405

Relay fault

Relay Short circuit : voltage is 0

Relay Open circuit; Detect the voltage between 2 group of relays, if near to lowest grid voltage like 150V, then it will alarm.

4. Error PV Isolation too low

PV Isolation too low

ISO value is 22K resistance , once less than the value, it will trigger the fault

5. OP Short circuit Fault

Output Voltage is less than 45V and Output current is 15A

6. NTC Open

3 temperature sensors, test the voltage of sensors. Once less than 2.5V, it will alarm

7. Error 406

Model set up not meet certification

8. Residual I High

Leakage current too high

Inverter detects GFCI value, once it is greater than 30mA, it will trigger the fault.

9. Error 408

DC-DC Temperature over range :85 degree

10. PV voltage greater than datasheet

PV voltage trigger point: 540v

Warning code

1. Warning 401

SP-CT/Meter Communication fault

2. Warning 203

MPPT1 or MPPT2 Circuit short

PV voltage is lower 30V and greater than 3A.

3. Warning 506

Battery temperature out of specified range for charge or discharge

4. AC V Outrange

Grid voltage fault

5. AC F Outrange

Grid frequency fault

6. PairingTimeOut

Communication fault

8. CT LN Reversed
9. BMS COM Faul
10. Battery reversed

NTC open ( only for lead acid battery )

12. battery OPEN

Battery terminal open ( only for lithium-ion battery )

13. battery OPEN

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