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SPF 4000-12000T HVM 19 Warning Troubleshooting

SPF 4000-12000T HVM 19 Warning troubleshooting
1. 19 warning Meaning

Battery Disconnect

For Low frequency inverter, battery sampling circuit is desinged on control board.

2. 19 warning Test Method
Lead acid battery

1. Please confirm battery type, if lead acid battery, please confirm if battery voltage is normal, if normal, most probably battery sampling circuit is faulty on control board, you can try to replace control board.


Replace control board

Lithium-ion battery without communication

1.If battery type is lithium-ion battery without communication and US2 has been set on 5th option, you can try to check if 2nd option ( Charging current ) is reasonable. In usual, 2nd option should be less than 30A for single battery, or it will cause battery BMS protection so that mosfet on BMS board shut off , and cause battery disconnect warning on inverter.


Check charging current value on 2nd option.

Lithium-ion battery is communicating with inverter

1. In this situation, most probably, the communication between inverter and battery is abnormal.


Commission battery communication successfully

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