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Off Grid Inverter 02 warning

Off Grid Inverter 02 warning

  • 02 warning Meaning:

Over temperature warning

Testing method 1:

  • If inverter is online, you can read temperature sensor value from History report on OSS system directly. For History report, Installer and Distributor account can view and download it. While end user account can’t view it.
a. Access OSS system

b. Download History data

Temperature 1: temperature sensor on mainboard

Temperature2: Temperature sensor on DC-DC circuit of mianboard

Temperature3: Temperature sensor on MPPT board

c. You can confirm which board needs to be replaced based on the 3 temperature value
d. You should replace temperature sensor firstly, if still abnormal, then you can replace relevant board.

The temperature data of 02 warning has a characteristic. Usually, the temperature of a certain sensor is dozens of degrees higher than the other three, reaching the alarm point. This is most likely a problem with the sensor itself, and you can try to replace the sensor to solve the problem. The other is the overflow of the sampling temperature data, and the value starts with 655. This is usually caused by the corrosion of the old model plate and the open circuit. You can update the special program to avoid it, or replace the plate to solve the problem.

SPF 5000ES MPPT board Temperature sensor

SPF 5000ES Mainboard Temperature sensors, each one on every radiator.

Testing method 2:

You can read temperature sensor value from Com tool


How to read the temperature value, please read PDF below:

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  1. Hi Sir Amos,
    My SPF 5000 ES is running on FW 067/068 F4 A.27. It has S/N ZRK0CM41FR. My account is just “end user”. It is running all right for 8 months now. It is running mostly on SbU mode. Last night (night time), it gives a warning 02 – which is “over temperature”. The temperature on LCD panel is showing normal (31 ~ 33 deg C), the fan seemed OK, the unit is working fine except the 02 Warning. I turned it off for a while, then restarted it . The Warning 02 is still there (for the whole night). The next morning (day time- sun is up) I observed that the Warning 02 goes on and off- it will beep for a moment, then disappear, after a while it will beep again and disappear. Please help. And thank you in advance.

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