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SPF 3000TL LVM Introduction

SPF 2000-5000TL LVM Introduction

SPF 3000TL LVM is designed for 110V utility area like America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Taiwan, Lebanon etc. SPF 3000TL LVM 24/48P , P means parallel function has integrated.


Internal view

Board Function


The system layout is almost same with SPF 5000TL HVM ( AC output 220V ) mainboard, the difference is Bus voltage ( almost 200V ), high frequency transformer, BUS capacitor

MPPT Board

The system layout is totally same with old SPF 5000TL HVM MPPT board, they can be swapped each other, but newest SPF 3000TL LVM MPPT board is different from SPF 5000TL HVM MPPT board, Which has added awake function for PV and utility.

Control Board

It is almost same with SPF 5000TL HVM Control board, but sampling chip etc. are different

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