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4 thoughts on “MIC series Firmware download”

  1. Hi Amos,

    I find your site very informative, so I wanted to talk specifically about the MIC series.

    I would be interested in what the firmware GhAA-8XX to GhAA-750 brings improvements. I ask because I always wanted to be up to date on what firmware is concerned some must bring it to improvements but what should be, since there is not even a changelog to learn what’s new.

    There should be a detailed procedure for MIC users. Not only always for sph or spf series and other systems. Also I would be very interested in a detailed description about hardware. If I see what from the Sph and Spf already at circuit diagrams are to be seen here on this side. What kind of possibilities are there to configure a MIC better. So many questions you could ask about this series, very few answers you read. What does the update to said firmware Ghaa-8xx and is this permissible for German users.?

    Thanks for your answers.

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