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MAX 100-150KTL3-X Upgrading Guide

MAX 100-150KTL3-X Upgrading Guide

Take the code TNAA11090300/ZBBA-0020 as an example. TNAA11090300 is usually called the DSP code. ZBBA-0020 is the M3 code. The following are the precautions for various aspects of remote upgrade code . It is recommended to upgrade at night

1. DSP Firmware

a. Recommended upgrading sequence.

CPLD→067→075 ( Take TNAA110903 as an example, CPLD corresponds to 03,067  Corresponds to 09, 075 corresponds to 11 )

CPLD, 067, 075 represent chips.

b. Recommended upgrading sequence.

Codes that need to be upgraded: Codes with prefixes TNaa, TNab, and TNAA0908 or below need to be upgraded.

Upgrade to TNAA110903 code

c. Things to note when upgrading

1.  During the DSP upgrade process, if the flash has been erased, interruption of the upgrade will cause code loss.
loss (the reason may be that the machine suddenly loses power or the datalogger is offline for some reasons), than
For example, the program of TNAA03030201 first upgrades the CPLD code, and then goes to flash erasure during the upgrade process.
If the upgrade is suddenly interrupted during this step of the program, the code will be lost and become TNAA0303xxxx.
At this time, you need to re-execute the flashing process, and you can try multiple times until the flashing process is successful;

2. DSP software is required to be upgraded to the latest version (TNAA11090301)

3. Version inconsistencies between DSPs may lead to potential risks in machine operation. For example, if you want to
TNAA03030201 was upgraded to TNAA11090301, but only the code 075 was upgraded successfully, and the
All of them failed to upgrade, causing the machine code to change to TNAA11030201, but it did not affect the operation of the machine.
2. m3 Firmware
1. When upgrading the latest DSP software for M3s below ZBba07, you need to upgrade to the latest M3. Upgrade
to ZBBA-0020

2. ZBbb01 version of M3, ZBba07 and above and ZBBA14 and ZBBA14 and above M3 software are not available
M3 needs to be upgraded, just upgrade the latest DSP software

3. Do not cut off the power during the code upgrade process, otherwise the code upgrade will fail or even the code will be lost;

4. If the code is lost, it is recommended to repeatedly flash the code until it is successful, otherwise it will affect the operation of the machine (as long as the machine is powered
 Normal, M3 is not damaged, you can keep trying to flash code)
3. Datalogger
1. All stand-alone datalogger support batch upgrade (ShineMaster and ShineMaster -X can only be upgraded individually
Taiwan upgrade)

2. ShineMaster-X has been imported and upgraded, and the upgrade method is the same as ShineMaster;

3. The batch upgrade limit for a single account is 500. The server recommends that you do not batch upgrade too many machines at the same time.
 It is easy to cause server lag. It is recommended to upgrade about 2,000 machines a day and 500-600 machines in the same batch.
 left and right machines;

4. During the upgrade process, the upgrade situation is required to be recorded.

During the upgrade process, the upgrade situation is required to be recorded.

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