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Inverter Applicaiton Info. Collection

Applicaiton Info. Collection

To improve our product quality further, please kindly assit us to collect these info. below, your help will be much appreciated!

1.Installation location:, including country, province, city , street

2.Installation Environment Video,

3.Inverter nameplate, all parameters like Inverter S/N, Material code etc. should be contained

4. Battery Nameplate, Battery datasheet, User Manual, all parameters should be contained

5. Battery breaker , all parameters should be contained

6. PV input Breaker, all parameters should be contained

7. Solar Panel specification

8. System layout, How many PV strings in parallel, How many pcs solar panels in series

9.Specifical Load type like TV

Please collect them and send them to Amos yang

Contact Person: Amos Yang

Eamil: [email protected]

wechat: xinerintheworld

whatsapp: +8613267189226

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