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How to use Can box to read Hope battery info.

How to use can box to read hope battery info.

1. CANalyst-II

2. CANalyst-II installment

CANalyst-II diagram,“1”is CAN1-H,“2”is CAN1-L,”3”is CAN2-H,“4”is CAN2-L;

3. Hope Battery 3.3KWh

Cable can be plugged in Link-IN or Link-OUT,

a) Insert Crystal Plugs to Link-in and Link-Out Like below firstly
b) Unplug one of Crystal plugs
c) Connect upper software



2. CANalyst-II Driving program Download

Install Driving Program Manual Introduction

3. bMS pC Software Download

ESS LV CAN Monitor R1.6.4 can be used normally. Other lower version may be something wrong

Before installing BMS PC software, make sure that

4. bMS pC Software Installation Guide

1) Before Installing BMS PC Software, make sure that the laptop you are using has not installed or use labview environement package before. if you have used or installed it, please follow the procedure below and remove them.
a. Open Control panel

Click it and type “Control”, and open Control Panel.

b. Choose “Programs and Features”
c. uninstall “National Instruments”、“IVI Foundation” and “JKI” program like below
2) Install BMS PC Software


Sometimes, after you install driving program, you find that this software still can’t work normally,( you can’t click “Connect” successfully), you can try the method below

Download Link

USB_CAN TOOLSetup(V9.14).exe

After installing it, then install above driving program again, it can be connected. If still can’t work normally, you can change port.

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