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How to change off Grid Inverter S/N

How to change off Grid Inverter S/N

Once you replace control board, Please kindly set your original Inverter S/N on control board. Inverter S/N is stored in control board chip.

Before you use softwares below, please make sure that you have installed correct driving program for com board. You can read the post below and install correct one based on different com board

WriteSN Software Download
PVkeeper Download

PVkeeper Download


1. Use PVkeeper to check Inverter S/N

2. Compare Inverter S/N on PVkeeper to Inverter S/N on inverter nameplate

3. Download WriteSN software and Set correct Inverter S/N

4. Click OK directly, don’t need to set password

5. Choose COM port–> Click Open–>Type Serial Number–>Click Set

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