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Hope battery Maintenance instruction

Hope battery Maintenance instruction

Hope-3.3L-C1 Battery Feature

1. Hope battery can work with max 8 pcs in parallel

2. Hope battery 3.3L-C1 can not be compatible with Hope battery 4.8L-C1

3. Hope battery 4.8L-C1 can work max 16 pcs in parallel

Hope Battery 4.8L-C1

Hope battery Maintenance instruction

Hope battery quick guide Download

4 thoughts on “Hope battery Maintenance instruction”

  1. Fondja Flore Mesmin

    Best informations
    I try to connect 8 pcs in parallel without succes
    I had 12 pcs
    If battery Can not work, what Can i do ?

    1. For Hope 4.8KWH, MAX 16 PCS in parallel, MAX 2 groups fro storage system, Hub is not needed

      For Hope 3.3 KWH, MAX 6 PCS in parallel( But actually it can work in 8 pcs in parallel, we don’t suggest that ), MAX one group for Storage system, you can’t connect more than 1 group into same inverter.

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