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Client Complaint Process and malfunction info. requirement

For some important cases, the issues are difficult to deal with. You can submit client complaint process on OA system. It is just open to our internal staffs. Once you submit it, it will be listed as highest priority and quality dep,, research dep. will start the analyzing process , and will take the measures and improve product quality. It is very helpful for product improvement.

Before you submit the client complaint process, make sure that you have exausted all methods and really can’t solve it, Or your process will be rejected and blamed.

Client Complaint Process
1. Access OA System

2. Select “Portal” –> ‘process”
3. Select “Portal” –> ‘process”
4. Select “Client Service Center” –> ‘Client Complaint Issue Handling Tracking Form”
5. Select “Client Service Center” –> ‘Client Complaint Issue Handling Tracking Form”
6. Fill in necessary info. on * column

Please note that history data of device should be attached, or it won’t be approved.

malfunction info. Collecting requirement

1.Before you submit client complaint process, please make sure that you have checked if inverter, datalogger, battery firmware version is newest, if not , please upgrade newest firmware version, then observe if the issue still appears. Because newest firmware version has solved all other issues for previous client complaint process. And only when the Hybrid Inverter, datalogger, and battery are all the latest version, the historical data will display the serial number of the battery etc.

2.If the latest version cannot solve the problem, firstly collect the following information and return it back to the technical expert team. The collected information is as detailed and comprehensive as possible, so that the problem can be solved as soon as possible. If it still cannot be solved, the technical expert group will feedback to the design quality department

Hybrid inverter, Off Grid Inverter Info.


2.Inverter S/N

3.Inverter Firmware version

4.Model Number

5.What fault/alarm is reported ( you can check the log, display screen, or SysFaultWord/Fault code/Warning code of historical data, etc. )

6. Fault manifestation and specific date

Datalogger Info.

1.Datalogger S/N

2.Datalogger Firmware Version

Battery info.

1.battery model

2.Serial number (all serial numbers of low-voltage batteries, serial numbers of high-voltage boxes and serial numbers of each battery for high-voltage batteries)

3.Software version

4.What fault/alarm is reported ( you can check the log, display screen, or BmsFault/BatAlarm of historical data, etc. )

5.Fault manifestation and specific date

6.Several batteries on site connected in series/parallel

7. Installation Date

Power station information (customers can also check the operation status of the new inverter after changing the inverter)

1.User Name

2.Plant Name


4.Several devices are abnormal

Client Service Engineer Info.

1.Customer Complaint Content Other Information

2.Feedback person

3.Feedback update date

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