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Business Trip Requirement For Middle East and African Staffs

Business Trip Requirement For Middle East and African Staffs

For Business trip, you must submit business trip application on OA, management will grant that. When you end the business trip, you need to write business trip report and let client to write down their feedback about the service. The client should stamp it or sign it finally

When business trip applicaton has been granted, you must book flight ticket 2 weeks in advance, the situation that booking flight ticket temorarily never should happen. We should save the cost for our company.

1. Procedures:

1) Select “Process”
2) Select “New process”
3) Select “Business Trip Application”
4) Fill in Info.

Please fill in them carefully, the total amount for business trip must match real fun in payment application, please note it. Or your business trip application will be returned back. Here attached one example

5) Attach Business Trip Detail Plan
Dear All,

请查收附件 :
Please check the attachment:
Name-出差计划Business Trip Plan

*Attach this form if the itinerary is not clearly listed in the mission statement section of the OA.
No need to attach it if the plan is clearly listed in the OA.
The key is to plan your business trip in advance and in detail.

【国际客服部流程制度 Departmental notifications】

2. Business report Template Download

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