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Xiaoshouyi Application Rule 2

Xiaoshouyi Application Rule 2
1. If you want to apply extra spare parts without Inverter S/N for clients, please inform Amos and specify the requirement, application should be submitted by Amos.
2.For malfunction inverters, Before you submit the applications, please Check if warranty has been expired, if expired, don’t submit the application on Xiaoshouyi.
3.For malfunction inverters, Before you submit the applications, please Check if it has already been applied recently. Director Wang always rejected repeated inverter S/N on xiaoshouyi System. If it is repeated, you need to claim the specifical reason in your new application. Here attached how to check repeated Inverter S/N application.
a. Please select “all spare parts application”
b. Please type inverter S/N in “Whole inverter S/N” Column (be meticulous, no space), if none, you need to add it.
4. Once you get malfunction inverter S/N, you should check warranty on OSS system firstly, as data may be stored in Overseas server or America server or Chinese Server, you need to check one by one.
5. In SA area, You need to claim where your spare parts should be deliveried from SA warehouse or China. You need to leave reminder in the remark on xiaoshouyi System.
6. For malfunction inverter, please make sure that you have video with inverter S/N, and submit them to Amos , or it can’t be granted.
7. For New Inverter malfunciton in one month, we should replace new inverter for Clients, but make sure that you have already confirmed that it is new installation, proofs should be submitted.
8. Non Production Material like those items that don’t belong to any kind of device type, like professional tools I sent, Can box etc. don’t submit them on Xiaoshouyi, you can send Email to Director Wang , CC to Amos and clarify that Item name, model, quantity, customs declaration Price, company name , delivery address, contact person, mobilephone etc.
Wrong Example:
9. For delivery address, please always confirm to clients before you submit the application, in case it is not correct. What if clients have own third party forwarder agent in China, you need to remind replacement dep. to attach shipping mark including company name, contact person, mobilephone , delivery address, in case forwarder agent can’t find these packages when arrived.
10. If there is any special remarks, it must be clearly described. The goods are always there when they are ready. Warehouse doesn’t know the status, so our colleagues think they have been sent away. this wasted a lot of time. Like third party forwarder agent requires warehouse number for those items. We should confirm to the forwarder agent beforehand and fill in the application remark.
11. For Kenya area, please note that spare parts must be sent via DHL ( exclude third party forwarder agent that clients provided) and commerial invoice must be less than 20USD, you must remind replacement dep. in remark on Xiaoshouyi System. The reason that claim less than 20USD, because Kenya customs has strict requirement. Once it is more than 20 USD, they will claim higher customs clearance fee.

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