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WIT 50-100KW introduction

WIT 50-100KW introduction
1. Appearance



USB Port is for Datalogger Shinewifi-X

COM1 Port is for upper software (Shinebus) and Smart Meter communication, Dry Contact for Generator

Pin3, Pin4 is for Shinebus Communication

BMS COM is for battery communication

2. Product Models

WIT 100K-A AC Couple is used for Grid system without storage system.

3. Feature
MAX extend to 300KW
MAX 3 inverters in parallel, SYN device should be installed together when 3 inverters in parallel
Support UPS Function and Black Start
Support Remote control of DG
Multimple MPPTs Input
4. System Layout
5. dataSheet
6. Principle Introduction
7. Internal Overview
8. Board Introduction
a. PV Input Board
b. Boost Board view (Components side)
C. Power Board view (Components side)
D. BUS Cap Board view (Components side)
E. IO Board view (Components side)

SPS Cirucit

GFCI Module


F. BAT Input Board view (Components side)

软起电阻和电池端正继电器在机器内部安装, 这个主要是把主功率继电器两端电压相近,避免闭合主继电器时的大电流冲击

The soft starting resistor and the battery terminal relay are installed inside the machine. This is mainly to make the voltage at both ends of the main power relay close to avoid the large current impact when the main relay is closed.

F. Control Board view (Components side)
G. M3 Board view (Components side)
H. Connector Board view (Components side)

4 485 communication port

RS485-1 Shinebus、shinemaster、SEM
RS485-2 Smart Meter
RS485-3 Battery Communication
RS485-4 Reserved Transformer Communication

I. AC Filter Board view (Components side)
WIT UP Model Board Introduction


WIT-UP Control Board

WIT-UP RLY.R Board view (Components side)

WIT-UP RLY.S Board view (Components side)

WIT-UP RLY.T Board view (Components side)

WIT-UP RLY.N Board view (Components side)

WIT-UP Connector Board view (Components side)

WIT-UP SCR Driver Board view (Components side)

SCR is mainly fast switching

HCT1 Board view (Components side)

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