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Middle East Staffs Reimbursement

Middle East staffs reimbursement

1.Account dep. Notification
According to the requirements of accrual-based financial accounting, to ensure that the actual incurred expenses and expenditures of the company's departments can be recorded in a timely manner, to improve the accuracy and timeliness of financial data, and to enhance the efficiency of expense reimbursement, it is stipulated as follows for the expenses that have been incurred without reimbursement/payment in 2023:

1. Current expenses do not cross years and expenses incurred in the same month do not cross months. For expenses incurred in each month, the parties concerned shall, at the latest, after the expenses are actually incurred or after the corresponding invoices are obtained, submit the documents and apply for reimbursement in accordance with the financial requirements by the end of the next month.

2. For expenses incurred in 2023 and not yet applied for, it is required to submit the documents before December 25, 2023 at the latest. If the documents have not been submitted under special circumstances, they should be submitted to the Finance Office before 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 28, 2023 for reimbursement, submitted to the Finance Department by 6:00 p.m. for expense withholding by the Finance Department. (FY 2023 reimbursements that have been submitted with an Inventory must be reimbursed in January 2024.) No reimbursement will be made after the unexcused late date.

3. The documents are: "Payment Request Form", "Travel Expense Reimbursement Form".

4. The submission of content: unaudited expenses are required to be listed (including OA has been submitted but paper documents have not been submitted or paper has been submitted but the OA process has not been to the financial node)

5. The way of submission: the regional assistant collect all the forms according to the cost accounting company, summarized and sent to my email.
2. Middle East Reimbursement Stardard
3. Reimbursement Form Download

Please claim Traveling place, purpose, client names and other explanations clearly and use local currency for your reimbursement.

4.Prepare All Invoices For Your Reimbursement
5.Submit payment Application On OA System

a. Access OA System

b. Select icon below

c. Fill in Payment Application Process

d. Please note that if loca employees have signed contract with HK company, on supplier column, ” supplier ” should be chosen.

e. in the application, reimbursement contents should be same with reimbursement form strictly.

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